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Saga Dawa Festival Tibet 2017

Saga Dawa Festival Tibet 2015
Saga Dawa Festival is celebrating in Tibet since thousand years in honor of Shakyamuni’s and his enlightenment. Saga Dawa is the most important festival of Tibetan society.  Festival is held each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar.  Saga Dawa is a yearly ritual for the people in Tibet.
All Nepal Hiking is carefully crafted the adventure trip for our valued customer to show a real cultural activities and Naturally unspoiled  mount Kailash and Manasarovar lake, the nucleus of spirituality of Hinduism  and Tibetan Buddhism.  The festival gives you enough experience of unlimited excitement and unforgettable memory last forever. During the date, being a part of this holy occasion is such a touching experience that you come back with a deep sense of inner satisfaction that stays with you for a long time. To be a part of the Saga Dawa festival, you just need to contact us and enjoy a vacation that would be memorable in every sense.

The fourth month of the Tibetan calendar, many people are cease from killing animals and give out alms to everyone who comes asking for it. There may not be obvious celebrations everywhere, but even then you can easily discern the festive spirit in the air during the Saga Dawa festival. If you are in Tibet around that time, don't forget to be a part of the huge crowd that visits the Dzongyab Lukhang Park at the foot of Potala for a late afternoon picnic. 




Day 01   25th May.2017 Well comes to Nepal- Arrival in Kathmandu. Overnight hotel  
Day 02   26th May.2017 Today Tibet visas are processed, while you do some exploring heritage sites Stupas and Durbar square.  
Day 03   27th May 2017. Drive to Nyalam (3,750m) 150km, O/N at Guest House.
Day 04   28th May.2017 Rest Day in Nyalam for Acclimatization, O/N at Guest House.
Day 05   29th May.2017 Nyalam – Saga (4,600m) 280km, O/N at Guest House/Tented Camp
Day 06   30th May.2017 Saga – Manasarovar (4550m) 460km, – O/N at Guest House/Camp
Day 07   31st May.2017 Explore Lake Manasarover then drives to Darchen (4,660m) 53km. O/N at Guest House/Camp.
Day 08    1st June.2017 Drive to Tarboche, enjoy Saga Dawa Festival Celebration O/N at Guest House/ Camp
Day 09    2nd June.2017 Trek to – DiraPhuk (4,900m) 18km. O/N at Guest House/Camp.  
Day 10  3rd June.2017 DiraPhuk – ZutulPhuk (4,750m) 20km. O/N at Guest House/Camp
Day 11  4th June.2017 ZutulPhuk - Darchen (14km) – drives to Mamas rover- Pinchung (4,330m) 60km. O/N at Guest House/Camp.  
Day 12   5th June.2017 Drive to Saga O/N at Guest House/Camp.  
Day 13   6th June.2017 Drive to Nyalam O/N at Guest House.  
Day 14   7th June.2017 Drive to Zhangmu to Border where transportation waits for the group to drive to Kathmandu.  
Day 15   8th June.2017 Kathmandu- Transfer to Airport for departure 

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