Janakpur Tour - 7 Days

Janakpur Tour - 7 Days

    All Nepal Hiking carefully crafted Janakpur Tour to our valued Tourist who is interested in famous Hindu pilgrimage sites along. The tour starts with Kathmandu sightseeing, Drive to Pokhara via Manakaman Devi temple, fly to Jomsom and Jeep drive to Muktinath Temple and fly back to Kathmandu and fly to Janakpur. The advantage of this trip is aerial views of Nepal. A tourist Lake city Pokhara.


    Janakpur is the birth of place Hindu goddess Sita, The place where King Janak rule the country For the special reason god Ram was married to Sita. In the Hindu epic, it mentioned, the original city of Janakpur was named after King Janak of the Mithila kingdom. Janak found the baby Sita in a furrow of a field and raised her as his daughter. When Sita (also called Janaki) was about sixteen, the king announced that she could be married to whoever was able to string the divine bow of Shiva. Though many royal suitors tried, only Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, was successful. And not only did he string the bow, but he also snapped it in two. Thus, Lord Rama won the hand of Sita.

    In 1657, the great saint and poet Sannyasi Shurkishordas discovered a golden statue of the Goddess Sita at the exact place where she was born, which ultimately became the location of the current Janaki Mandir, the Temple of Sita. Shurkishordas is considered to be the founder of modern Janakpur. The temple is architecturally unique in Nepal. Its inner sanctum contains a flower-bedecked statue of Sita that was miraculously found in the Saryu River near Ayodhya. Statues of Rama and his half-brothers Lakshman, Bharat, and Satrughna stand by Sita. Early evenings are the best times to visit, for then the temple is lit with colorful lights and filled with hundreds of pilgrims expressing devotion for Sita and Rama. The temple is particularly popular with women, who wear their best clothes when visiting the shrine. Adjacent to the Janaki Mandir is the Rama Sita Bibaha Mandir, a building that marks the place where Rama and Sita were married.

    Tens of thousands of pilgrims visit Janakpur to pay homage to Sita at the time of Vivah Panchami, the marriage day of Sita and Ram (the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in November/December) and on Ram Navami, the birthday of Lord Rama (the ninth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra, which begins with the new moon in March/April).

    Janakpuri Main Temple, Nepal

    Additional periods for large celebrations in Janakpur are Holi, the festival of colors in March; Diwali, the festival of lights in early November; and Chhath, a four-day festival celebrated by the local Mithila people in May and November.

    Other important religious sites in the city include the Danush Sagar and Ganga Sagar ritual bathing tanks near the Janaki Mandir, and the winding streets surrounding the temple are filled with shops selling garlands of colorful flowers, pictures of various Hindu deities, and ritual objects for prayers. Near Janakpur lies the ancient place of Dhanushadham, another important religious site for the Hindus. The Dhanusha pond is believed to have been made by the pieces of arrow broken by the Rama in Janakpur.

    During this Janakpur Dham Trip, we also visit

    • Pashupatinath Temple
    • Muktinath Temple
    • Doleshore Mahadev temple
    • Manakamana Devi temple
    • Kathmandu sightseeing
    • Pashupatinath Temple
    • Muktinath Temple
    • Doleshore Mahadev temple
    • Manakamana Devi temple
    • Pokhara sightseeing
    • Devi’s fall
    • Boating in Fewa Lake
    • Gupteshore Mahadeva temple
    • Barahi Temple
    • Muktinath Temple Darshan
    • Amazing Mountain flight to Jomsom
    • Encounter with Highland people
    • Janakpur temple visit
    • Bibaha Mandap in Janakpur, and several holy lakes around the temple

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      Cost Details
      • Arrival & Departure by Private Car
      • Free use for Company's Trek Pack
      • All meals are prepared by our experienced cook
      • All Domestic Flight tickets with Airport Tax
      • All camping equipment and gear, including two-person tent, dining tent, toilet tent, porter tent, and Kitchen tent
      • All camping equipment including kitchen equipment, tables, and chairs/stools, etc
      • Porters/pack animals to carry all personal gear and group equipment
      • Experienced Guide/Escort
      • Private Transport from Kathmandu to/ from trek starting and ending points
      • First Aid kit
      • Accommodation in Kathmandu on a twin share bed and breakfast basis
      • Kathmandu city and trekking maps
      • Trekking permit & fees, National Park entry fees, Conservation fees
      • Insurance for all staff
      • High altitudes chamber bags (PAC) for very high altitudes
      • International Air-fare
      • Items of a personal nature
      • Drinks, Dessert, and main meals in cities
      • Your Travel Insurance
      • Nepal Visa fee (US$ 25 for 15 Days & US$ 40 for 30 Days)
      • Tips