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Responsible Tourism

Nepal is a country where people live in harmony with nature. Besides the Himalayas, there are large parks, wild lives, and also rural communities that have preserved their traditional way of life. Nepal’s economy has long been dependent on tourism. However, the environment is increasingly becoming fragile. Therefore, it’s very crucial to practice responsible tourism. These are the basic principles that guide us.
Besides the obvious benefits, there are also long-term disadvantages of tourism on environment.  Similarly, the unique traditional elements that have remained unaltered for hundreds of years should also not be ignored. We encourage local communities to identify the authentic elements inherited from generation to generation, elements that represent, within their culture and spiritual heritage. 
Through the tourist offers that we offer, we want to focus on the value of the original objectives and experiences, which are within the limits of probability - and to discover the real Nepal. The assessment of tourist groups can contribute to the creation of a social environment and equipment necessary for the understanding of these realities. The sense of local pride introduced into Nepali villages is encouraged by tourism. 
Traditions, customs, handicrafts, dances and folk costumes contribute to the creation of the identity of a community. Tourism activities that propose to develop are offered a chance to save them and their exploitation in tourism context. It encourages people to keep their local heritage, to find in their cultural heritage resources for a balanced lifestyle, able to prevent them from leaving the community in search of a better life. The All Nepal Hiking packages combine activities for tourists to interact with the local people of the villages. Tourists have the opportunity to buy handmade souvenirs and local products, and support the local economy.
The principle of safeguarding concerns mainly the relationship man - nature and aims to encourage traditional farming activities, minimal impact on the environment. Tourists are advised to respect nature, to try to minimize their impact on the natural and cultural objects. In addition to safeguarding current customs, their transmission to new generations and to all those who are interested in the local culture is equally important. The fragile balance between prosperity and sustainable development threatens the traditional way of life.  
Therefore All Nepal Hiking aims to encourage only those activities that encourage local tradition and takes place at a level which does not disturb the balance of the community. We ensure that responsible tourism becomes an act taken by all those involved in the tourism business.