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Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal

Do not feel offended if a Nepalese woman hesitates to give you a hand.   Especially women, but greet you with "Namaste”, a gesture reminiscent of a praying position, in which the two palms are placed together.
Public gestures of affection between man and woman is not common in Nepal.  Therefore, avoid such affection in public. 
Drug abuse and drug trafficking are strictly followed. Possession of drugs is a serious offense in Nepal and will be severely punished! 
Alms create more beggars, but not solve the underlying problems! For these reasons, you should not encourage beggary. If you really want to do good, ask your tour leader/guide then and donate money to a school, an orphanage, or other means, but not to street beggars (even if ever so enterprising stories dish!) 
Use the hotel safe for valuables. Do not leave money or valuables in the room are open.
Table manners in Nepal are quite different.  In a typical Nepalese household there may be no plates, knives, forks or spoons on the table. The Nepalese use the right hand for eating. However, this does not mean that guests may not use forks or spoons. 
Do not offer your left hand offer food your left hand.  The left hand is considered in many countries as ‘unclean’. 
Put off your shoes when entering homes, since these are considered "unclean". Make sure that your feet do point to anyone.