Lord Krishana’s Birthday !!

Krishna Janmasthami – 2015

Krishna Janmasthami falls on the Bhadra(Aughust) month according to the Nepali calendar. Krishna was born at midnight to destroy the Demon King Kansa who had imprisoned his sister Devaki and brother-in-law Basudev to prison.  Janmasthami means birthday, hence Krishna Janmasthami means the birthday celebration of God Krishna.

Krishna is the most prominent God in Hindu mythology. Krishana is also the most well known Hindu God Westerners. It was Krishna who gave sermons to Arjuna in the battlefield which is popularly known as the Bhagvad Gita. In fact, Gita is considered the basic philosophy of Hindu lifestyle.

Krishna Janmasthami is celebrated both in Nepal and India with much fan fare. In Kathmandu, the center of the attraction of this day in the Krishna Temple in Patan, dedicated to Krishna. On this day, thousands of devotees visit the Krishna Temple and many of them also observe fasting called Brath.

Nepal – the ideal destination for Yoga

The United Nations recognized June 21 as the International Yoga Day. It was the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who proposed June 21 as the International Yoga Day which was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Yoga is a discipline for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It basically involves mastering various postures. Yoga has been an important part of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. There are more than 400 Yoga and Meditation centers all over the country.

Nepal has also been a popular yoga destination from ancient practitioners to modern tourists. The lush green vegetation and majestic Himalayas make Nepal a favorite destination for yoga and meditation.

The International Yoga Day was also observed in Nepal. In fact, yoga is not an unknown practice in Nepal. The rishis, sadhus, monks and general people of Nepal and India have practicing yoga since ancient times.

Nepal is Safe for Visiting

Nepal is Safe for Visiting

After the7.8 richter scale earthquake Nepal’s middle region, Nepal became the focus of international media. Their focus certainly helped   to garner support  from international community. However, the devastation, especially on tourism sector, was not as profound as purported. It’s notable that only 8 out  of  75 districts were affected by the earthquake. Hence, the message that Nepal is not safe for travel was not entirely based on facts.

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Celebrating the Dhan Diwas or Rice Fesitval in Nepal

Celebrating the Dhan Diwas or Rice Fesitval in Nepal

Like the geographical variation, Nepal is also rich in its cultural festivals. Almost every month, there are different festivals observed in the country. One on them is the Dhan Diwas or the Rice Festival that was on June 30. Nepal is still basically an agrarian society. Especially, most of the village people are still engaged in farming.  And Dhan or Rice is the main staple dish of Nepalese people. Most Nepalese still eat rice twice daily every day.

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